Need Help Finding Help?

It’s not unusual for businesses with goods to ship to find they lack the drivers they need to get the job done.  Sometimes such situations are fairly predictable; many companies have seasonal increases in workloads, and virtually all have people who miss work for vacations and personal time off.

Other times management is caught by surprise. People get sick. Disruptions occur. Emergencies happen. In such instances they need to find one of more licensed, qualified drivers. Quickly.

If you find yourself with such a need, call on Baron Transport to help. We can provide the experienced, professional truck drivers, yard goat drivers and driver helpers required to keep your business running smoothly and cost effectively.

Recruiting the Best…and Evaluating Them Carefully

Clients keep coming back to us because we keep finding the right people for them. Baron Transport works continuously to find, recruit and evaluate ambitious, hard-working candidates.

Our extensive screening process includes verification of all relevant licenses and certificates, as well as criminal background checks and drug tests. Such screening enables us to offer some of the best drivers. Yet at Baron Transport, we don’t merely assess experience and job skills; we also consider temperament and personal character, and go to great lengths to ensure the individual is a good “fit” with your particular company.

Our goal is a “win-win” outcome for both you and the drivers we provide you. Everyone involved, employer and driver alike, has to be completely satisfied. That’s the way we do business at Baron Transport. We win when everyone wins.

Focus on Safety

Helping our clients avoid accidents and promote safety are among our top priorities. We not only want to prevent people from getting hurt; we also want to avoid operational disruptions and minimize insurance costs, including those associated with workman’s compensation. We fully comply with regulations promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The Baron Transport Safety & Compliance team focuses on mitigating risk, constantly studying safety and compliance issues to identify potential concerns. We perform on-site assessments, advise clients on various safety issues, and work to instill a “safety first” attitude among our drivers and others. Improving safety programs helps diminish risk, reduce accident rates and lower insurance costs —while offering greater legal protection.

Baron Transport itself maintains extensive insurance coverage, including professional liability coverage and $5 million of comprehensive general liability coverage. We go to great lengths to ensure our clients are well protected.

Round-the-Clock Customer Service

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